Symphony Sunrise

Canon EOS 5D Mark IV || Sigma 150-600mm f/5-6.3

302mm || f8.0 || 1/3200s || ISO 1600

This is currently one of my favourite images. So much so that it is actually printed in acrylic and hung at the head of our bed. Any time you get the opportunity to be in the alpine for sunrise is a good one. On this particular day, we were doing a cineflex shoot for Whistler Blackcomb which required an earlier start than your average day. We loaded the Blackcomb Gondola around 7 am and rode that up to the Rendezvous Lodge on Blackcomb Mountain. From there, we were taken by snowmobile to the top of 7th heaven where our first shots with the helicopter and cineflex camera would be. On this day I was actually there as both the account supervisor as well as the ski talent - still not sure how I managed to pull that one off.

Of course, I brought my camera as I knew that there was a high chance of a good sunrise, and I never miss an opportunity to shoot that from the top of the world. The sunrise from the top of 7th Heaven is about as good as it gets. Despite the fact that this was taken from Blackcomb, the three mountains in the picture are Piccolo (Symphony) summit on Whistler Mountain, Black Tusk, and the Tantalus Range just northwest of Squamish.

I really enjoy the symmetry of the ridgelines from left to right. The fact that the orange glow of first morning light is just catching the very tips of the mountains, bringing out the details of the alpine. Every time I look at this image it brings me right back to that morning. It was a good one.

The camera settings on this one are pretty much as basic as they get - the only real consideration being ISO is a touch higher than I would prefer for a landscape shot as I was shooting this handheld at 300mm!

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