One Mile Aurora

Canon EOS 5D Mark IV || Canon EF 16-35mm f/2.8L II 

16mm || f2.8 || 10s || ISO 1600

This is one of those shots where I had a full plan to capture something totally different, and then was surprised with unexpected conditions and had to adapt quickly. This night, Kilee and I headed up to the famous paragliding launch site in Pemberton to have a fire and watch the sunset. The views over the Pemberton Meadows from up there generally provide pretty spectacular mountain sunsets, which we were able to witness - perhaps a post for another time.

After the sun had set, we started to ramp down our fire as we did not bring camping equipment and were planning on driving home. I wandered off slightly at one point to take a few wide-angle pictures of the sky and noticed that there was a strange glow to the north. After taking a quick long exposure of the sky, I realized that there were northern lights overhead. We stayed at the launch site for at least an hour longer than we had anticipated, watching the lights stream across the sky. We left around midnight and started the hour-long drive back home.

As we were driving through the town of Pemberton, I decided to pull in at One Mile Lake to see if the storm was still going on - and was it ever! This picture was taken around 1:30 in the morning. When I left my house that night, I had no intention of capturing the Northern Lights, as they were not even remotely forecast. Sometimes, it's all about right place, right time.

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